Next Production

In January this year, the next production was to be ” Pack of Lies”, an excellent thriller by Hugh Whitemore set in a Cold War London suburb about a families’ gradual realisation that their friendly neighbours were Russian spies. Unfortunately, this was scuppered by discovering that the exclusive licence for performance had been taken out by a theatre company effectively preventing both amateur and professional performances for the foreseeable future. Our attention turned to a much lighter vehicle for entertaining our audience, namely a murder mystery entitled “The Allotment Plot” by Emma Northcott. We managed to get down our moves and a vague idea of the dialogue, posters were put up and then Covid 19 took it out of our hands.

*My own personal feeling is that we may well have another peak of infection this winter which means November 2020 and the March 2021 productions couldnt go ahead but then I have always been a bit of a pessimist. Watch this space for chapter and verse.

*These are my own personal views , Gerry Nevitt.